JPR’s When it Rains it Pours

Featuring dramatisation of Ndekuisa
An original short story narrated by Muthiora Wa Thiong’o


This work of fiction is dedicated to my offspring,Some soon leaving the warmth of nest for the wider world, with all its uncertainties…

  • Philomena Mumbe
  • Philip Kivungi
  • Michelle Doreen
  • Michael Jairo

And the precious little one,Too young to comprehend…

  • Jerome Bradley Laito

And to the memory of their uncle, my cousin,Who was so brutally cut down on the night of 3rd April, 2009:

  • Peter Kilonzi Kimanzi

The play is further dedicated to the three of my elders, now rested, and without whose

support, I may never have scaled these heights:

  • Muthiora wa Thiong’o of ProPerArt Creations, Shauri Moyo (8th December, 2005)
  • Martyn Sanderson of Africa Connection Aotearoa (ACA), New Zealand (14th
  • October, 2009)
  • Charles Omambia Omwega of icipe (10th July, 2008)

I wish to acknowledge the input from my many ProPerArt Creations friends and associates gathered Kuchambua the script with me as follows:

  • Tikrit (Eldoret and Misikhu), Sango (Eldoret),
  • Silver Spoon, Jambo Wines and Petrizo (Nairobi),

I also wish to further acknowledge the valuable input of additional edits by BG Njoroge, Dolly Osogo, Jimmi Makotsi and George Mungai.

Shukran to you all, na mbarikiwe sana, mpaka mshangae!

Download Script >>  JPRs When it Rains-Final2