Friends are Great !

The last 3 days have been hectic and bevy full of furious activity resulting in an immense generation of fatigue.

It started with me requesting a good friend to kindly propose to join a prestigious and well-endowed club in the City of Nairobi. As usual, they need two proposers.

I only knew of my friend Apollo as a bonafid member.

The deadline for submission was fast coming to a close. But Divine Providence intervened and expanded my medulla oblongata and I was able to recollect that Sam 1 (senior) was a member.

I had no contact of Sam.

A flash of good thinking made me seek for Sam 2. Sam 2 did not have contact of Sam 1, but knew that Geoff may have.

Meanwhile somebody suggested that I should talk to Robert, who is a member. And so it went on and now, a few hours to the deadline, I am a proud owner of some 5 nomination letters.

I must be lucky. Or am I just a great guy?

I do indeed enjoy company of  all this flotilla of friends I have earned over time